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Not quite getting it

“What is this ‘One Way’ of which you speak?”

One way

(Picture snapped on their second revolution of the car park.)

By Daniel Bowen

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6 replies on “Not quite getting it”

It was a double ended arrow indicated traffic could go both ways wasn’t it and the other end of the arrow is hidden under the car. Seriously though love that it was their ‘2nd’ trip around. We all go the wrong way every now and then, but are usually smart enough not to do it twice.

I don’t recall seeing double-ended arrows. To my mind, they always use two arrows next to each other, left pointing ahead, right pointing back to indicate which side cars should pass each other on… maybe that’s the Australian standard for such road markings?

That arrow’s not an enforceable marking anyway. Such arrows are for use on traffic lanes to tell you which one goes straight, which one must turn right, etc. They’re not meant for marking carparks. There are signs for that. But where parking spaces are at 90 degrees to the aisles, a one-way scheme makes little sense because people will forget which way to drive when leaving their parking spaces. With angle parking spaces such as 60, 45 or 30 degrees, the intended travel direction is obvious and again an arrow is superfluous.

maybe im a little bit of a carpark anarchist myself but i always see the carpark markings as a ‘recommended’ direction, but if there are no other cars coming and the spot is 50 metres in the ‘wrong’ direction why not be a rebel.

go on, do it, it feels great.

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