Ailments of the week

So far it’s not a good month for minor ailments. Last week Jeremy had a coughy-coldy thing; this week Isaac’s had it worse, knocking him out of school… thankfully he’s got over it in time to go off to camp this morning.

As for me, I must have eaten something bad, and my over-sensitive stomach (aka “Bowen Belly“) has been at it again overnight. Maybe it was the snags for dinner last night weren’t cooked right through, but if so, how come I was the only one affected? Not pleasant, and today I’m at home hoping to catch up on sleep.

On the bright side, the cluster headaches have almost completely gone thanks to the medication.

This week my head is a little tender however… but that’s to blame on the huge bang on the temple I got from the front door on Saturday. I know I’ve never been an athlete, but sometimes I astound even myself at my low level of coordination.

By Daniel Bowen

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2 replies on “Ailments of the week”

Yeah, I think there’s something going around.
I know quite a few people that are sick…and I’m down with a little prick of a cold too…and I aint been sick for years.

Ooh, I’m glad about the cluster headaches making their departure. My partner has had them from time to time and they appear quite debilitating. If worst comes to worst with them, get thee to an emergency room and ask to be put on oxygen.

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