It’s not my place

It’s not my place to elaborate on all the specifics, but a good friend of my sister passed away in quite tragic circumstances on Friday. One can only feel for her family, in particular her husband and two young kids.

BeyondBlue: Postnatal depression. Donate (no online option unfortunately).

PANDA: Postnatal and Antenatal Depression Association. Donate (online or by post).

By Daniel Bowen

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Thanks for sharing that. Awful. And with two young kids, who probably need their mum more than ever.

Oh that’s so tragic. As a person who suffers with bipolar myself, I know what ups and downs are all about. My deepest sympathy to the family concerned. Yes, seek help, for sure! I swear that that is what saved my life. Having a psychologist to talk to every two weeks keeps me grounded and sane, believe me. Having a psychiatrist monitoring my moods regularly (every 3 months) as well, also helps. It is NOT a shame anymore to say that you’re mentally ill. There is, and should be, no stigma attached at all to it. Please, if you want to ever discuss this, contact me (Daniel knows how to reach me).

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