Turn on your feeds (again)


A couple of years ago I wrote a post encouraging people with blogs to make sure their RSS feeds were turned on. I thought I might just repeat it now. RSS helps people like me who have little time to go to one place to catch up on all the blogs we like to read (and might forget to check otherwise).

It’s also worth making sure that your RSS feed is providing full posts, rather than just excerpts. It helps readers see all of your post without having to click through to your site, not just the first sentence or two. I know some people like to get comments: for me, I’m more likely to comment if I can read the entire post quickly. If I’m only seeing excerpts, unless the first sentence grabs me I won’t bother.

(Some people — myself included — use Google Ads etc to try and get some dosh from visitors to the web site. It’s true that providing full feeds means some people won’t bother visiting the site, but but for me the ads aren’t a priority… anyway some claim that you do get more visitors overall.)

So unless there’s a good reason not to, do turn on your feeds. For those many people using Blogger, the instructions are here.

And if you want to try reading others’ blogs via feeds, try Google Reader or Bloglines. You can also get software to deliver those feeds onto your computer if you don’t like reading via web pages, or use the features in Firefox, Internet Explorer 7 or Safari to easily see which blogs have been updated.


By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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I notice a lot of people who leave comments here also have their own blog site.
What stops me creating an “on-line diary” is the fear that I’ve got nothing interesting to say, since I’m just an average Australian …. Wait a minute, that hasn’t stopped you! (smiley face, here)

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