Important convoy

Forgot to post these photos from last weekend. Or was it the weekend before?

Footscray Road, Saturday afternoon, an important convoy came through. With escort cars, flashing lights, the full works.


They seemed to be heading west, last seen heading along Ballarat Road, rather than towards the North Pole. Maybe Santa’s got a local distribution centre somewhere out by the Ring Road?

By Daniel Bowen

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3 replies on “Important convoy”

That was the Myer parade – we just watched it on the DVR this morn. THe float with the lollies was the one for the Myer Xmas bear. Not a bad parade, but would have been much better live; the commentary and production on the teev was pretty shonky.

I’m pretty sure the Mattel factory outlet is over in the direction the convoy is headed. Some sort of deal going on?

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