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The election looms

Oh, nice.

That treacherous Liberal Party has turned Glen Waverley into a suburb of Beijing and instigated the genocide destruction of our white Australian identity.
Vote 1 Neil Henry Smith One Nation to enforce a 100 years moratorium on coloured immigration.

— One Nation candidate for Bruce’s pamphlet, as quoted in The Monash Journal. (via Polly Morgan)

The Journal also notes that Family First chose to preference this piece of excrement above The Greens, Labor and the Democrats, using the excuse that the One Nation have no chance of winning the seat, whereas the latter do. Pathetic: frankly in that position, I’d rather hold onto whatever scruples and morals I could muster and put him last.

I wonder what my local FF candidate, Joyce Khoo, thinks of it.

It underscores for me the concerns over Family First. Despite the name, they’re really just ultra-conservatives, claiming they’re “for families” (as if the other parties are anti-family). No wonder some call them Fundies First.

Funnily enough, today’s online Dilbert dips into this territory:
Dilbert, 22/11/2007

Once again, we all have to decide who to put last. No One Nation option for me, but if FF are elsewhere preferencing them above most others, they might get the gong. CEC would have to be in the running again, too.

But I’m in Goldstein, and nominally safe Liberal, so it may not make a lot of difference. What will be more interesting is how the senate vote goes.

Oh, and for those pondering if they should use their primary vote on a minor party they like better than the big two: Yes, you should. As Beth Spencer in The Age explains, it makes a big difference to the funding of those smaller parties, it helps send the message of what and who you really support, and of course your vote isn’t wasted; it will go to the biggies as the preferences get distributed.

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the sad thing is, many people vote Family First because of the party’s name. “Well, shouldn’t we always put our family first?” Uggh!
Unfortunately, Family First only recognises one type of family as legitimate. Maybe OK 20 years ago – but hardly sensible now.
PS I live in Goldstein too – meet me handing our how to vote cards for Julia Mason at Sandy Primary tomorrow!

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