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Who is Madeleine?

Anybody else spot this long column advert on page 8 of The Age today? I wonder who wrote it, and if things went to plan and Madeleine read it this morning over breakfast?


Madeleine advert

By Daniel Bowen

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8 replies on “Who is Madeleine?”

Wow, isn’t in fantastic, as we get caught up in the superfluous business of life to be reminded of what is important and to be cherished.

I thought he was going to propose, or something…

Maybe that’s what he’s doing while she’s reading the paper, is holding a ring-box in his pocket, waiting for her to turn to the right page, so that when she does turn to give him attention…

It’s not romantic. It’s embarrassing!
Why are some people so insecure they feel the need to partake in public stunts to get the acknowledgement of others? Love and marriage are such personal things, they are meant to be between TWO people. Not played out on an airplane with a camera crew there to film a wedding proposal. Enuff said!

Roger, you’ve got one thing right – enough said. So shush up, you cantankerous sod. It IS between two people and the person that clip is meant for will know exactly who wrote it while the rest of us will wonder appreciatively about it. Love and joy can be shared – and should be.

That’s gorgeous. What a nice way to catch someone off guard. I could just see him passing her a plate of toast with a ring stuck in the middle of it.

I caught this as well and I couldn’t quite it. The cynical side of me looked for some random ad on the following page and the following day, but nothing. The thing that bugs me is what happened next!


Geez that’s sweet. I hope Madeline read it.

I put a note in the Sydney Morning Herald looking for a long lost friend of my partner. No responses so far, but there’s still hope (I know it’d mean a lot to him if I found this guy!) I tried putting an ad in the NSW police journal too (the guy has a bro/sis there), but the silly woman in charge of advertising couldn’t care less. Oh, good. Got it off my chest.

Madeline – good on you for calling out his cheating at rummy. But give the guy some attention – that ad would have cost him a packet :-)

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