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Outer, or inner?

Eh? From last Monday’s Herald Sun:

Melbourne restaurant manager Monique Moussi rented out her home in Seddon, on the city’s edge, in favour of a fast-paced and closely networked lifestyle in the fashionable Docklands precinct near the city’s heart.

She’s far too busy running the family restaurant, Medici’s, to maintain a house and garden, and loves the sense of community inner-city living offers.

Seddon? “City’s edge”? This would be the Seddon that’s just a couple of kilometres from the city centre — and even closer to Docklands — in the heart of the inner-western suburbs real estate explosion? To most people, Seddon is inner-city.

Mind you, if she’s working in Docklands, it must be a bonus to live there too. That’s one way to make the commute easier.

Speaking of suburbs and houses and trying to segue awkwardly into something else, I was about to get cranky with the bank, as internet banking was telling me my home loan interest rate was still at the variable rate — now 7.89% after the recent rise, above the 7.85% fixed rate agreed to just before the rise. But they seem to have fixed it now, so I’m happy again.

So if and when the next rise hits, I’ll be ready.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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2 replies on “Outer, or inner?”

Seddon! Yes, when I read that Herald-Sun article I assumed the journalist meant CBD’s edge, not Greater Melbourne’s edge.
PS Speaking of suburbs, I read recently that the Lonely Planet author of a collection of self-proclaimed kingdoms (such as Hutt River Province) grew up in your suburb. He said that when he was ten, he proclaimed Bentleigh to be a sovereign state.

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