Blast from the past

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the short Doctor Who charity scene just released…

You can also watch it and find out more detail at the BBC’s web site.

And don’t forget to donate here to Children In Need.

My response (after you’ve watched it — spoilers!)

It was great. I loved David Tennant’s bit at the end, blurring his character and himself. I’m about his age, and for me as well, Peter Davison was my Doctor. His closing serial Caves of Androzani is still my favourite classic story.

PS. Isaac noticed the use of 80s incidental music.

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3 replies on “Blast from the past”

very amsuing, thanks!
I like the straight-forward naming of English children’s institutions: “Children in Need” is a good example; “Hospital for Sick children” (in London) is another.

As someone who started watching with the first series I’m still a huge fan – I once queued up to get Peter Davison to sign a copy of a novelisation – and think this is magic. Like the use of “what?” at beginning and end of clip.
Thanks for posting it.

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