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I really pity the people of Sydney who have had to be in the CBD during APEC. (But then, at least most Sydneysiders get the day off, whereas I have to drag myself into work.)

NSW Transport Minister John Watkins said yesterday “Between 3 pm and 7.30 pm today, there will be 92 motorcade movements around the city.” This must be very carefully planned. Normally people in motorcades get all green lights. But what if two of the motorcades intersect somewhere? Do they have a pecking order to decide which world leader gets to go first? Or would they divert one of them around the block to avoid it? Sounds like the good basis for a video game. “Motorcade Simulator.”

Will have to watch The Chaser next week: two of them were arrested trying to drive a fake motorcade into the exclusion zone. Police minister says he “did not see the funny side at all.” Apparently the day before, some of the team had dressed up as a police horse.

Still no answers on the APEC dressups, but Peter Walker posting in the Guardian Blog noted my blog entry about it recently, and thinks The Age’s suspicions of Driza-bones and Akubras is on the money.

Update Monday morning: So it turned out to be Driza-bones and Akubras… and The Chaser’s escapades made the news worldwide: Google News / Video from BBC and Fox, as well as the Chaser’s own raw footage.

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