I’ve gone off TV

Summer Heights HighI think I would have enjoyed We Can Be Heroes. I heard good things about it, and the clips I caught were funny.

The sequel, Summer Heights High looks good as well… I suspect both are cleverer and funnier views of Australian society than Kath & Kim are… which has got rather dull in its latest outing, if the episode I saw was anything to go by.

But you know what? I’ve gone off TV. Last night was the first episode of Summer Heights High (and new Chaser episodes which I know I enjoy, and I couldn’t be bothered going to turn it on. (It’s available for download for a week. Maybe I’ll watch it online.)

I used to love TV, but I barely watch anything now. Just a few shows a week. Is it just me?

By Daniel Bowen

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Yeah, not much on the box these days.
Apart from Carry On films on ABC-TV at 2am during the week and Benny Hill re-runs on Satdee night.
Otherwise, that’s about it.

You’re not alone Daniel, even though we have a lovely television that just begs to be watched it is increasingly left off.

At night now it’s more common for me to have the radio going than the telly and anything we do watch seems to be downloaded.

Wow… creepy cross post Daniel… I commented the same thing today on my blog after watching Californication on download last night.

I only listen to podcasts (Triple M’s Get This being my favourite) and am now going to download all the TV series that I like… LOST, My Name Is Early, Californication.

The only reason I will watch TV is for Live sport… not much else.

Wednesday night has always been ‘work on that arse groove in the couch’ night here…largely due to Spicks and Specks, The Chasers and for awhile back, 24 being on the box…

Alas last night we sat, and we watched, but I rarely laughed out loud, and was mostly disappointed. I guess Chris Lilly is funny enough – but I’m starting to wonder if all the excitement about his new show is just hype…it was just as cliched as most other comedies in my opinion…

Anyhoo, maybe it’s a summer is looming type thing you have going on…it’s got to be a good thing to watch less telly either way…

Summer Heights High was clever and funny at times, but we have seen it all before. Same with Kath and Kim and to a lesser extent The Chaser. Why does Australia have to milk every last drop out of tv show instead of like the UK where they maybe a dozen episodes of a brilliant show made and it can be watched years later and it is still just as good? I am afraid my attention just drifted off while Summer Heights High was on.

I do enjoy Kath & Kim despite reservations about a couple of private school gels taking the piss out of of bogans. I don’t find either Riley or Turner funny but the show is very well written. And that’s some of the GOOD stuff on TV! I can sympathize with your disillusionment Daniel.

I rarely watch live to air tv, but do record some shows on my PVR and then voila, no ads. I have to confess, Judge Judy is a favourite – she’s so “no nonsense”.

I really resent having to watch commercial TV (barely tolerate it from SBS) to see whats pretty become at times dull. I didn’t expect it to better that’s for sure with the change over to 7. I agree with Andrew regarding English comedy – 3rd series of Black Books was funny but lost something slightly – they knew when to stop. Summer Heights High from what I’ve observed in my 16yo son and his peers is really high entertainment for them. They love Jonah especially. Perhaps it’s not a show for us old fogeys lol. Chris Lilley has truly amazing talent I must say.

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