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Coming soon: smoke-free pubs

From the 1st of July, pubs and clubs will be smoke-free. No more stinky hair after a night out. No more washing all your clothes the next day.

So! Who’s for a drink? Let’s hit the pubs!

(In preparation, the local RSL built a smoking area, which looks like an outdoor courtyard, but is almost completely surrounded by frosted glass and a shelter, so I bet it meets the definition of an enclosed space… Mind you I’d prefer they used frosted glass rather than something that lets the smoke out more easily, since I don’t want it coming my way across the footpath.)

By Daniel Bowen

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4 replies on “Coming soon: smoke-free pubs”

yes, hooray!
I take your point about what qualifies as an “outdoor” area.
The outdoor smoking tables at the coffee place on the corner of Little Collins and Spring st is a good example. Not only is the area enclosed both over-head and on the Little Collins side by a pull-down blind, the proprietor opens up the full-length windows facing Little Collins. The result is that the outside patrons become “inside” customers afterall. And guess where the smoke goes?

Queensland has had smoke free pubs for some time (I think like 18 months…) (and smoke free just about everything else) and while it is better inside, you still have smokers hanging around outside. Being a very recent ex-smoker myself, I kind of think that smokers get a hard time sometimes…

Roger: It talks about areas being “substantially enclosed” and structures that “prevents or significantly impedes lateral airflow”. I can’t place the spot you’ve cited, but looking again at the local RSL, the gap between the walls and roof is pretty big, such that it probably wouldn’t impede airflow… eg it’s going to be damn cold out there in winter!

Randall: See my previous rant on smoking…!

I wouldn’t mind all the heavy drinkers being but outside as well lol. Excessive drinking in my mind is much worse than smoking.

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