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The weekend’s reviews

Shrek the Third — was okay I suppose, a few amusing moments, but nothing outstanding. The first Shrek is still the best one… egads they have a Shrek 4 planned — I hope it’s better than the Third, though I bet they’re all successful. I suppose worth watching if someone else is paying, but fails the “would watch again” test.Thumbs down!

I had been thinking that Jim Schembri’s article the other day about kids in cinemas was an exaggeration, but on second thoughts, it’s true: some kids (especially younger kids) don’t know how to behave in cinemas, and evidently their parents don’t know either.

Nerds FC — very amusing stuff. Yes I noted the guy who can recite pi — though he knows 486 digits, a long way over my paltry 75. I only caught a couple of episodes of the first series, but will try and see the rest of these ones.Thumbs up!

Oh, and just when I thought my footy tipping couldn’t get any worse… 2 out of 8.Thumbs down!

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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5 replies on “The weekend’s reviews”

Paltry 75 – *chokes and splutters on her cup of tea* Daniel that is WAY more than 99% of people I’m sure. LOL, be proud of yourself and your “nerd” quoitent. :D *said in all good jest!* Yes, the Shrek movies aren’t as funny. I agree with you wholeheartedly #1 was the best, as was the #1 Home Alone movie. Both of them just struck a chord in me, and I never tire of watching them again. The others, bah humbug, who cares.

re: footy tipping. We managed 3 this round. We always tip our team Melbourne who came good yesterday!

Heard a rumour – unsubstantiated, but a rumour nonetheless – that they’ll be going for a fifth Shrek movie (then retiring to count their millions no doubt).

I am actually proud to say that 3.1416 is as far as I can, and wish, to go down the “reciting pi” path (and even this is probably wrong!).

5 out of 8 tips for me this week – missed on the Weagles, the Blues and the Pies.

3.14159 is my go. Comes in so handy while I’m doing anything at all.
As for the article about children, one of the reasons why I’m less at the cinema is due to the little tackers all over the place. Yes, I don’t like them. Still, most of the films I see aren’t suitable for the kiddies and when I do see a “kids” film, I usually rent or borrow it. Problem solved. I think Jim perhaps needs a holiday.

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