No more recycled tissues?

A couple of years ago I noted that supplies of recycled (facial) tissues were getting more scarce. But I was able to keep buying the Safe brand at Coles in Caulfield until just recently, when they stopped stocking them. Or maybe they stopped receiving them some time ago, and they’ve finally run out. Recycled toilet paper is still easy to find.

See, I have a problem with the idea that we should be chopping down trees to make stuff to wipe our arses on or collect snot with. It’s a waste. And while for nasal use, handkerchiefs can be better sometimes, they’re not always convenient.

So I’ll keep hunting. Coles Online shows nothing, but it appears that Safeway HomeShop still has Naturale brand (at $2.47 for 250 tissues, plus up to $9.95 delivery fee). But since I don’t normally do my grocery shopping online (the supermarket is five minutes’ walk from my house — why would I bother?), that’s hardly very convenient or cost-effective.

Anybody know any other sources of recycled tissues? My stash is running out…

By Daniel Bowen

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I have also noticed that the Safe brand are no longer available from Coles. I bought the Naturale brand from Safeway the other day. The Macro- organic supermaket chain- in Armadale and Richmond, stock the Safe brand tissues.


I have noticed that it is very hard to get recycled paper tissues too. I can still find Safe tissues in some smaller supermarkets, Coles and Safeway have none.
Also, I am pretty sure that Safe brand tissues used to say on the packaging that they were made from 100% recycled paper. Now they only say “contain recycled paper.” (I have the box in front of me.) That doesn’t sound like 100% recycled to me.

I thought that because I live in Gippsland the supermarkets stopped stocking the safe branded tissues. But you guys have prooved that it’s metro too. I’ve been buying the Naturale brand.

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