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A Mechanical Welt Thong

If you’re worried about climate change, and the glacial (!) rate government is addressing it… and you’re in Melbourne, try this: on Sunday morning the Bayside Climate Change Group are getting together people for a human sign on Sandringham beach at 10am, to say “HALT CLIMATE CHANGE NOW!”

(I’m assuming the team co-ordinating don’t all have dyslexia, or we might end up with “A MECHANICAL WELT THONG!” or “A GALACTIC MENTHOL WHEN?” something.)

It’s just near the station and there’ll be extra trains to help people get down there without driving. Various media etc will be in attendance, naturally, to highlight the crowd’s efforts. After the sign there’ll be an expo with displays and so on to find out more.

More info: Bayside Climate Change Group / PTUA / Metlink

By Daniel Bowen

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Yeah, both my kids’ schools are organising groups of students to take part. We’re cycling there on the bayside track from Hampton – the distance will kill me.

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