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From the Daniel’s been playing around with web stuff in his copious spare time and trying to learn PHP and here’s a blatant plug department:

You know how sometimes you go to the cinema and you can’t remember which membership card you need to show to get the discount? Is it the RACV card? Or some other card? Does the cinema around the corner give a bigger discount? And what’s that deal to get cheap train tickets? Or if I’m going sightseeing in Sydney, is there a discount for the Sydney Tower? (Alpha)

See what you think… Is it useful? Would you use it? Leave a comment here…

Yeah it mostly concentrates on AU/Vic at the moment, but if you know of other cards that give discounts (anywhere in AU for now), email Email tips at

And tell your friends if you think they’d like it.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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10 replies on “Try this”

Nice Work there Daniel. Quick question though. So if I have membership to Medibank Private, in order to get the discounted movie tickets, I actually have to buy the tickets at the Medibank Private retail centre? That sounds a bit odd. Wouldn’t you just have to show your membership card at the movie theatre?

Brilliant idea. Will it be free to use?

How did you create your favicon?

Also, accommodation has two ems.

Joel, yes apparently with the Medibank discounts (apart from Dendy cinemas) you have to pre-purchase through Medibank.

Christian, yes, this is The Project :-)

Peter, nobody would pay for something like this! This article has some links to favicon info and tools. Thanks for spotting the typo.

I haven’t seen anything like it before and I am guessing it could become bible like. One does not buy anything without consulting it first.

It does have a slight feeling of being squashed in at the sides and that something could be missing or off the screen. That is, the text is to absolute very edge of the screen.

will it be a kind of wikki style thing? so anyone can enter discounts? would save you a lot of time, or maybe get some volunteers to assist in other countries?

great idea,

im guessing this is coming from a db somewhere in the back, how about letting people also search by card/organisation type. eg, show me all medibank private etc

good idea. (been said before? :-)

how about letting me click on a column heading so I can group like things together (eg. all RACV, all movies etc.)

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