Maccas for speed

Marita and Justine are using the Footscray (Ballarat Road) McDonalds during their renovating, for quick snacks and tea (awful though it is) and access to a working, clean toilet. I hear tell the service there is pretty poor: incredibly slow (come to think of it I’ve seen it myself, on occasion), with often only one person serving, and perhaps another one or two out the back in the kitchen.

Speed is what people go to Maccas for. If you’re not getting served quickly, there’s not much reason for being there. You’re sure as hell not eating there for the taste or health reasons. I reckon if McDonalds haven’t got speed, they’ve got nothing.

By Daniel Bowen

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I used to work for Macca’s a good 7 years back and it seems their service philosophy has totally changed. Our aim used to be to finish serving a customer in less than 60 seconds. Last time I went to a McDonalds (Ormond, same one I used to work at), it was FAR from speedy. And have you noticed how they are now making their burgers on the spot a la Hungry Jacks? Wouldn’t have happened in my day…

A burger and a drink took over 15mins of line waiting this evening. And that was in two lines. Drink was from McCafe. Yep love lining up so much I do it twice. And the counters were literally 2 metres apart. Damn ‘you have to line up at the other counter to order that food’ policy!

There is a Portaloo on-site… it’s not pleasant though, hence my specifying McDonalds for a clean toilet. There are power issues during the renovations that preclude cooking.

I guess being without power isn’t as daunting to those of us who camp regularly. We actually live in a motorhome fulltime and go “camping” in our smaller campervan that has a Porta-Potti and a propane stove. Perhaps a Portaloo is something different from a Porta-Potti, which has no unpleasantness about it at all.

Also, I grew up in Florida (read: hurricane power outages), so emergency power needs are fairly common.


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