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Margaret Joyce

My grandmother died on Friday night.

I didn’t know her well, and hadn’t seen her since 1999. She’d been unwell for some years, but all the same, it was sad news — perhaps because like the rest of my grandparents, I grew up distant from them — either in miles or in years. Unavoidable, but a shame for all of us, I suppose. Only my Grandad left now.

Grandparents in 1948 and 1998

RIP Margaret Joyce de Bowen née Middleton, 18/5/1926 – 30/3/2007.

By Daniel Bowen

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I’m sorry to hear about your family’s loss. It’s always hard when someone passes on, and that part of history is gone forever with them passing. (((((hugs)))))

Pretty amazing they were married for over 50 years. Not a bad record, And your kids had a great grandparent for a while, which is nice.
still, a death of any grandparent is sad.

So sorry to hear of your loss. Spend some time with your Grandad – your childen will appreicate it in later years.

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