Doctor Who

Our time has come

I have to admit, when I was growing up, Doctor Who was never really one of the cool kid shows. Scifi generally probably wasn’t something the cool kids watched.

But now, on the eve of the third series (starts Saturday night in the UK; who knows when we’ll see it in Australia), David Tennant’s Doctor Who has been voted the coolest television character of all time.

MX: Look Who's top of cool
(MX, 30/3/2007)

Finally, Doctor Who fans, our time has come. Our show is cool. (It must be true — I read it in MX.)

By Daniel Bowen

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3 replies on “Our time has come”

the POMS have voted him a cool guy.
99% of Aussies think he’s a dork.
David Tennant is popular amongst people who read something called “Radio Times”. How embarrassing!

Radio Times – The UK’s biggest and longest running TV and radio listings guide. Presumably then a fairly informed audience who are fairly choosy about the TV and radio they watch/listen to. Also, crucially, home of a real poll – can you back up your 99% figure, Roger?

Rant over – I’m not even THAT into Doctor Who, and that annoyed this Brit.

(me again….)
No, I can’t back up my 99% figure. Drats! I knew I’d get caught out making things up! I’ll admit I’m more into Monty Python and the Goodies than Doctor Who.

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