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Wrapping up the week

Santoro’s out. I think it’s kind of a shame. It’s rare that the Australian parliament can boast his level of alliteration. He wasn’t just Santo Santoro, he was Senator Santo Santoro.

A few months ago I mentioned theories about fluoride improving dental health. Now a study has concluded that yes, it’s made a big difference.

The Grand Prix was on today. I watched a little bit of it on the telly, but really, it just reminds me of that old Twelfth Man record, the one that spoofed Murray Walker. “The cars are just going round and round… it’s so bloody boring…”

They don’t appear to be scrounging for money now that there’s no cigarette advertising allowed.

Was certainly able to hear both the cars and the pre-race FA-18 fly-past from home. My tax dollars at work. How does one organise a fly-past from the air-force? Does one just ring up the RAAF and leave a credit-card number, or do you need some sort of official status to get it organised? Could a zillionaire arrange the Roulettes to fly over his kid’s birthday party? (Actually there is an application form on their web site. No cost mentioned, but if you have to ask…)

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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Funny you mention the cost because partner and I discussed that yesterday. The real cost must be fuel. Not sure where the Roulettes are based but I think the big RAAF plane comes from Newcastle. I will surmise that it is provided gratis, so at taxpayers expense, but then if the GP corp paid, it would still be at tax payers expense.

And I was impressed because, one year, our Christmas street party organisers managed to get the Clydesdale horses from CUB (Foster’s company) to parade in our street. Due in no small part to the fact that a CUB exec lived on the corner.
Come on Daniel, get a RAAF fly-past for your 40th birthday party!!

REading through the application form, does it seem as though you may be able to get the Roulettes for free?
…”If Defence Recruiting attended your event would you be prepared to waiver all costs associated with their attendance?”

Also lots of questions bout how much media coverage will and other publicity will your event generate for the Roulettes, and “convey[ing] key Defence messages to media and other outlets?”

I was at the GP and the defence force used the occasion for recrutment/Advertisement liek Qantas did with the 747 flyover. The Roulettes and F/18, Blackhawks and FA18 are not just down for the GP but the International Airshow that is happening this comming weekend. I Saw some big aeroplanes flying around the city today.

Like someone else said, largely the cost is fuel, the workers are already paid for by our taxes, so I might as well see were my taxes are going (or being wasted!) :)

If they weren’t flying here the would be flying somewehere else.

The intersting thing is it takes the F18 about 17 minutes to get to melbourne from were they are stationed in NSW but I’m sure they didn’t go full ball for the GP :)

We had the Qantas 747 cooling it’s heals over our house for about 20 minutes before the flypast, it did about 5 or 6 orbits before heading off to the south. We worked out that it takes about 5 minutes to fly from our house to Albert Park.

I think the Roulettes might be provided as a goodwill gesture from the RAAF that are, like flags from your local MP, free. You need to provide a pretty good reason though. I went to an air show at Lilydale years ago where there was a display put on by about three Roulettes, obviously not important enough to warrant the full set.

Oh, and the Roulettes are stationed at East Sale.

I was at a young lady’s 21st some years back in Sale, when four Roulettes flew over on a practice run. Immediately, the girl turned to her father and said “Oh that was great, Dad, thanks.”!!!!.
So, if you’re lucky enough…

I always find the fluroride in water argument interesting and I do believe it has contributed to better teeth. But from the age of 4 to the age of 18 I lived in the country not connected to town-water – we only had rainwater. Now at the age of 32 I still have all my teeth and no fillings.

I do recall having the dentist visit the school a couple of times a year to give us a check up and the fluoride treatment. They would give you a blue-green solution in a little paper cup and you were supposed to try and hold the liquid in your mouth and swish it around for 30 seconds. And of course I used toothpaste that would have fluoride in it.

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