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Jacket required

Following up from yesterday… In many cities, it’s common for white-collar male workers to wear shirt+tie, though casual Friday is becoming more popular in some companies.

For some people, it appears that even the suit jacket is compulsory, including on the hottest days. From what I can see, this primarily seems to include (male) politicians and TV journalists.

On weekends some of them doff the tie but keep the jacket on. Ditto when they go to the country.

Perhaps the very expensive jackets (worn by presidents and prime ministers) have water cooling inside or something, so the occupant doesn’t end up sweating like a pig?

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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6 replies on “Jacket required”

work from home.

stay nude all day.

except when videoconferencing with workmates. then you just wear a shirt and tie. and dont stand up.

Seeing them on A Z-Class on a 35 degree day while I’m in shorts and a shirt, I’m thinking they’re probably reptiles…cold-blooded. Or robots perhaps.

Can help feeling lucky that I work for a company where t shirt and shorts is acceptable, even though we’re right in the downtown suit zone in Sydney. {smug}

The snooty looks I get sometimes are amusing. I just don’t meet the dress code :)

Two fashion pronouncements in two days. I agree with both. You should become a fashion etiquette writer.

To me jackets with tieless business shirts look slovenly. If tieless, removing the jacket provides a sharper look IMHO.

As you point out, if it’s too hot for the tie, then it’s too hot for the jacket.

Big guy, Cracker, playing small giant in Harry Potter, under the coat and stuff had a suit filled with ice water so he did not melt. I want one

I remember being shocked when I started working for a company in Canada where (shock horror) men wore ties with short sleeved shirts and SOCKS WITH SANDLES AND DRESS PANTS. I kid you not. Very casual those Canadians…I worked in a pretty geeky department which may have been a factor.

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