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Rising damp

I saw this Google Map Mashup a while back, but Pete found it for me again: What happens if the sea level rises?

Even for the maximum shown, a 14 metre rise, if this is right, apparently most of Melbourne will remain above water, though if you live in Altona, Port Melbourne or Chelsea, you might want to invest in a snorkel.

By Daniel Bowen

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6 replies on “Rising damp”

Will have to move the Grand Prix and go to the beach in Pakenham. And that’s assuming only 14 m. I read somewhere that if all of the ice melts we’ll get more like an extra 80 metres of the wet stuff on top of what we’ve got now. Anyone wanting to live on Dandenong Island?
And, outside of Oz, 14m means half of Belgium and pretty much all of Holland gone. Now would be a good time to go visit Amsterdam.

Ace. Looks like we’ll be getting top notch water views from our house – and be able to laugh at those property-investin’ Golden Milers and their Venetian-style mega mansions…

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