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Welcome to Roach City

The cockroaches are starting to get me down. I gather they’re around the city in large numbers this summer, but that’s no consolation when I seem to find at least one somewhere in or around the house every day.

Possibly the worst moment was stepping on one in the dark last week in my bare feet. A lot of swearing and washing of the offending foot followed.

And another one was found in… the kettle. Honestly. What TF it was doing in there, I don’t know. (I almost didn’t mention this, but I should just add: the kettle has been thoroughly cleaned, and the nature of boiling water is that germs don’t survive. Nevertheless any visitors to my house may, at their request, have their tea boiled in a saucepan.)

It’s got to the point where now I keep thinking I’m seeing them. A dark spot on the edge of my field of vision will have me whirling round to check, only to find it’s a knot in the wooden floor or a chair, or some inanimate object.

Once spotted, cockroaches either perish under the sole of my trusty old Blundstone boot, or get sprayed with a marvellous Baygon spray that sees them dead within seconds (as per the pic), and, if you believe what the can says, provides protection against them where sprayed, for months. (Not sure I believe that, not from such a sweet-smelling concoction. And no matter how sweet-smelling, I feel compelled to clean anything used for eating that comes into contact with it.)

But it’s readily apparent that there must be a nest of them somewhere, as no matter how clean the kitchen is, they keep showing up. It’s time to call in the experts to deal with them.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

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We have something similar happening at our place, but instead of cockroaches, it’s huntsman, or is that huntsmen? Whatever. Anyway, like you, I now see them everywhere. It’s in the corner of your eye, you spin your head around faster than Linda Blair, only to find it’s a trick of your imagination. Ugh!
I reckon you are going to have to get the professionals in. It’s the only way.
Ugh… Bugs…

Ugh, I have a real aversion to those beasts. They will rule the earth some day, I think. *shudders* in digust. I’ll never forget waking up one morning, and sitting up to have one skitter over my foot. Ugh, the shivers still go up my spine recalling that. You have my deepest sympathies Daniel. Yes, call the exterminators.

I never knew Melbourne even HAD cockroaches until we moved to a more ‘posh’ suburb, with older houses close to the Yarra, and we were innundated!! Until then I’d always thought they were a northern thing, or something only dirty houses had. I understand there are more of them around now due to changes in Melbourne weather, but is there building works going on around your place? They always seem to get worse if somebody is disturbing the ground building houses or having extensions done around our street.
Scattered around our houses are a sort of infra-red device we plug into powerpoints. I’m not exactly sure how they work, but I think they transmit a high-pitched sound, and they’ve been SO successful in keeping the things away – with the bonus of not having to use chemicals around the house, or sleep up dead insects. I used to have nightmares about them, and have trouble sleeping at night after finding one hiding in a curtain by my bed, but I haven’t had to worry for a while. Not sure who makes them, or even where we got them, but pretty sure places like Bunnings would stock them…?

If they have a nest, you need to investigate if there is a way to get them to carry some kind of toxin back to the nest, rather than kill them on site. Like ant bait, they carry it back to the nest and the toxin kills the larvae, eventually eliminating them.
Not sure if cockroaches have a nest though – they seem pretty antisocial, for an insect.

Roaches running everywhere up in NQ too. I set off a few roach ‘bombs’ last weekend and am still finding the ocassional dead one around the house. Supposed to be good for 3mths I think.

Vile, vile, vile. We have hundreds, if not thousands of roaches in our flat. They are attracted to electrical outlets and our phones–anything plugged into an outlet will be COVERED in roach droppings where the plug fits in the outlet.

Hmmm yes…again with the cockroaches…Well I found a few more the other day too..

I believe these are bush roaches folks. So slow breeders and not actually ‘dirty’ or ‘germ carrying’. But gross nonetheless, and I too am sick of worrying when and where) the next one is going to show up. (Like I literally lift the toilet seat first before sitting down just to be sure!)

Anyway I would love to know what the ‘exterminator’ has to say if you do indeed go that route.

We have two toddlers in the house, so whatever we do here has to be fairly non toxic! But we are certainly considering calling someone ourselves.

Yes, I’ve got them too. I’ve found that the commercial baits (can’t remember offhand the brand) seem to work – I occasionally find a dead one lying on its back so they must be working. But I’m sick of having to shake everything I pick up.

I got on the train the other week and the nice lady sitting opposite attracted my attention looking slightly aghast – I had one sitting on my jacket. Ugh.

Bob, how can anybody possibly live like that without doing something about it?

Peter, it’s outside.

I’m looking at setting off some Mortein insect bombs this week before I call in the pros.

We have had three in our shower in the last few months, but that’s all. God I hope I haven’t jinxed myself with that statement. First and second were both pointed out by younger daughter AS she and I were showering – she thought they were funny, and especially she thought it funny to see me hopping around and squawking like a demented toad trying to squish them. Victim no. 3 was quietly dispatched by the husband without my fanfare.

I really don’t like them, and I don’t want any more. I have *heard* that they are not as common round our way because of the salty air, but that is probably hogwash. Whatever the reason, they can just stay away.

“Bob, how can anybody possibly live like that without doing something about it?”

We are–we’re moving in 10 days; hopefully the roaches and BEDBUGS (shiver) won’t follow us to the new place.

Before you call in an exterminator try the glue traps. These are available from some cheap import shops and work fairly well. They also don’t spread chemicals around.

As Peter commented, roaches are attracted by warmth and wetness, so putting a trap en route to a water heater or kettle may work best.

Apparently it’s the weather making them bread like crazy…I have roach traps everywhere but they still manage to survive.

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