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Tie-free today

Although I and a few others at work wear ties most days, the bulk of the men (and of course all of the women) don’t. Ties are a purely decorative item, and sometimes they’re expected, sometimes not.

Lately I’ve been pondering if I should buy some new shirts. I don’t know if my neck is getting thicker or what, but sometimes the collars seem too tight to be comfortable.

Anyway, the forecast is 36 degrees today. I got to the foyer at work this morning and decided I wanted to go tie-free for the day. I think I might do the same whenever it’s going to be over 35… especially with the dodgy airconditioning at work.

Problem is that after… what, twelve years? of wearing a tie to work (at least Monday to Thursday), not wearing one feels unnatural, like that feeling I get when I go out without my keys in my pocket. I feel naked. Incomplete.

I’m gradually getting used to it.

By Daniel Bowen

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4 replies on “Tie-free today”

In almost thirty years in my job I’ve worn a tie once – and that was on the first day. Mind you I don’t deal with the public. I think it’s the most over-rated piece of clothing. Go for it…

Well, there’s one consolation: male accessories are generally a lot cheaper (and more comfortable) than female ones.

I also only wore a tie to work on my first day …it cam off by about 10AM …about 15 years ago

Now I wear short sleeves if the temperature is going to be over about 20.
Shorts if the temp will be above about 23-25
Tevas if it’ll be above about 30-32
… if I’m going to be around the office in Melbourne

I often work on the iron ore railways in northern WA (am heading there again tomorrow in fact) where the summer temperatures are often in the 40-50 range. One company up there has a long sleeves + long pants + safety glasses + hard hat rule, which is !@#$#*&$%

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