The forgotten date

About once a month I go into the Commonwealth Bank (CBA) at 21 Swanston Street, fill in one of those quick deposit envelopes, and shove it with a cheque through the slot, in order to push money into one of my only remaining CBA accounts.

That branch has been there for decades. It’s where I opened my a bank account when I was about 12, which I had until late last year when I’d had enough of the CBA shafting me.

In past decades it was often a very busy place, but recently it’s been fairly quiet, and hadn’t been renovated in many years. It had a kind of nasty odour about it, too. I wondered if they might close it, given there is another branch less than a block from there. It might become just a row of ATMs.

But no, they renovated it with bright new colours and service desks out in the open and all the usual new bank stuff. But you know what they forgot to put back?

The displays that show the current date. They weren’t high-tech — someone must have flipped the card(s) every day — and maybe it didn’t fit the new, modern image. But given most people have to fill in the date on a form somewhere on the rare occasion they go into a bank branch, it was essential.

What’s the date today please?

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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4 replies on “The forgotten date”

just curious. But given you’re such a high-tech guy, why do you still shove a cheque thru’ a slot and not transfer electronically from home??
I thought I was the only one left in Melbourne with a cheque book (used for paying for school excursions, etc)….

Roger, this is depositing a cheque I get every month, and though I have suggested they go electronic, they haven’t yet.

Yeah I the school excursions are just about the only time I use my chequebook anymore.

That branch is my home branch too and I have a cheque account as well. We must be the only customers they have with a cheque account. I haven’t been to that branch for years – I’ll have to check it out.

Having resisted a chequebook longer than I resisted a credit card, I relented last week.

The reason is that in this auction capital of the world, chequebooks seem to be the only accepted way to transfer home deposits on a Saturday when the banks are closed.

You’ll have to describe the internal decor of that renovated Collectingwealth branch. The ones I see look as if they’ve been untouched since the early 80s.

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