I had a haircut the other day. As the locks fell to the floor, it almost seemed like there was more grey than black (very dark brown actually). But maybe that’s because the grey was most visible. At least I hope so.

By Daniel Bowen

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5 replies on “Grey”

I’ve been noticing (not to mention the Wifely Person’s hawklike eyes) a lot of grey hairs of late. I’ve also been worrying about it a bit, despite being nearly 26.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a slight lack of self-confidence. You and I share the same birthday, which is getting very close! The fact that you’re noticing the grey is possibly a side-effect of your impending birthday, perhaps?

I tell myself that as well, the grey is more noticeable! :)

Doesn’t bother me that much though, except sometimes the ones right at the front because they really do show up.

Don’t worry – I got a haircut yesterday and the hairdresser told me all mine is falling out..and I’m a girl! Stress she thinks. I mean I’ve only moved to Melbourne, bought an apartment and started a new job. I hardly think I’d be stressed!

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