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Let’s do the timewarp again

The school concert was last night. I’m sure I don’t remember us doing these kinds of full-blown all-of-school proper-concert-hall events when I was in primary school. But the kids all seemed to enjoy it. And the bar was open before the event started, to help the parents… uhh relax.

Danny Katz (whose kids go to the same school) wrote a funny piece several years ago about having to rush home from Moorabbin Town Hall to get his daughter’s recorder for the school concert performance of The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Perhaps school management read this article: Moorabbin Town Hall is no longer the venue, The Lion Sleeps Tonight wasn’t on the programme (doesn’t that breach the Education Act?), and the recorders are all transported specially from the school to the concert in special boxes.

The time passed surprisingly quickly, with acts in grade order. Some of the costumes were quite good, especially Adrian, one of the kids’ friends, done up as Gene Simmons from Kiss. Very impressive. Despite cleaning the wax out of my ears especially for the occasion, I couldn’t quite make out some of the song lyrics, but no matter, you expect it at these kinds of events.

Adult crowdpleasers such as Video Killed The Radio Star made an appearance, as did old favourites such as the Flying Purple People Eater. The bit I laughed most at was a play set in medieval times, which featured knights “galloping” around the stage, one of them with banging coconuts Holy Grail-style.

As always the final act was the teachers, prefaced by a rowsing call from the students of: “Teach-ers; clap-clap-clap” (and repeat). This year it was Let’s Do The Timewarp from Rocky Horror. I still find it a bit unnerving to see the staff entrusted with our children’s education being so outgoing, as many of them appear not only to be upstanding citizens, but not quite as extroverted as they appear on-stage. Probably hiding in costumes, masks and make-up helps.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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3 replies on “Let’s do the timewarp again”

I love Danny Katz ;)

I used to sometimes bump into Glynn Nicholas at the local P.O. .. then I moved to Jimeoin territory …
now I see no-one ;(

My recall of nieces and nephews school public performances is not great. Lousy sound system and not loud enough. Time Warp performed by teaches sounds good though.

I recall my older daughter, when she was 4, spontaneously singing and doing the actions to Time Warp while I was giving her a bath. I was horrified! Where could she have seen a movie where Dr Frank’n’furter has sex with Janet (oh no! and with Brad!). But apparently she learnt it at a friend’s disco birthday party. D’oh!

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