Beef and vegetable soup

Heinz Big’n’Chunky Beef and Vegetable Soup. I like a can of soup on a cold night when I’m feeling too lazy to cook properly. But this reminded me just a little too much of the aroma of dog food.

By Daniel Bowen

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Well, they did say it’ll make a man of you. ;) Maybe you should try Campbell’s Country Chicken soup instead. From the many canned soup I’ve tried, I liked that one the best. In my opinion at least.

Mwah ha ha…… meat in a can must have commonality in odour molecules… could you force it down after that?

I really don’t think you can go past a tin of Heinz plain old tomato soup. And some toast. Thats pretty much my favourite ‘lazy’ dinner/lunch meal!!! It might not have bits in it, its probably not real tomato but it tastes awesome!

i think my mum-in-law heated up that exact same one for my almost three year old. i was going to try some until i smelled it. fortunately, smiley seemed to enjoy it, but perhaps only because the dog we used to own when he was a bit younger only ate fresh mince rather than canned dog food, so he’s never smelled it. *shudder*

Last night I had a bowl of Zippy’s Portuguese sausage and bean soup. Fantastic! I’m ordinarily not much of a soup fan, but this was off the charts good. Their frozen products are a bit expensive, but really good (try their chili)

Yep, IMO Heinz soups are best left on the supermarket shelf. If you like ‘chunky’ soups, try the Campbells Chunky range. Potato & Bacon, yummmmm…

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