Interesting mix… Italian and Indian cuisine.

Indian and Italian cuisine

Anybody fancy some Spaghetti Vindaloo? How about Tandoori macaroni?

When I lived in Hawthorn, up the end of the street was an Indian/Vegetarian/Fish’n’Chip shop.

And in fact, I have made something approxiamating spaghetti Tandoori chicken once when I was scrounging around in the kitchen for leftovers. It was… well, not outstanding to be honest.

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In Alice Springs their is a Swiss Indian restaraunt that also sells ice creams. You can start with chicken vindaloo, then have some strudel and grab a cone to go.

good tucker too.

There’s the “Chinese Hamburger Shop” in Moonee Ponds. The concept always makes me laugh when I go past, but I’m curious enough to want to stop and try one!

The Chinese Hamburger Shop in Moonee Ponds made the most delicious and unique hamburgers – a very generous, juicy, and sweet pork and vegie patty toppped with a slice of potato, all encased in batter and deep fried.
The memory of those hamburgers is making my mouth water right now, but alas it is but a memory, as they haven’t been around for at least five years, probably more like ten. The young Chinese couple running the place were at least fourth or fifth generation Aussies, but that pork patty could only have been made by a person brought up on Chinese cooking. I believe the father had made them in the same shop for the previous generation. Wish they would come back. Even though we indulged in them only a few times a year, they were unforgetable!

The Chinese Hamburger sounds very similar to something we used to be able to get on the way to the football in Geelong when I was a kid. My dad can kind of replicate them but the originals just seem to be the best in my memory.

We have a wierd combo thing happening here in Charles Street, Seddon – Italian, Thai and something or other which escapes my mind right now but whatever it is it doesn’t rock my boat although I have noticed that it has a few customers of a nighttime.

There’s an Indian/Italian restaurant in Flinders Street too.

Tandoori Chicken Pizza is the best, one of the Pizza shops (either peperinos or the other one) at the bottom end of Elizabeth Street used to sell it.

Ladies and gentlemen, when in Las Vegas, kindly visit All Star Donuts, the combination donut and Chinese place. Have a delicious Chinese meal, and a cruller for dessert (or better yet, walk across the car park to Luv-It for a huge frozen custard….mmmmmmmmmmm that’s good.

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