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House non-warming party

(Couple of extra points added 8:45am Monday)

Superb preparation help: Marita, cleaning and tidying yesterday. (The house certainly hasn’t looked better since I’ve moved in.)

Obligatory pre-party crises yesterday: Washing machine broke down, leaking from inlet pipe. Water throughout laundry. Plus work hassles; many phone calls.

Today’s isolated drizzle: thankfully hit before things started.

Party ice: $2.75 per pack from 7-11. Cool. But why does it have a “Best before” date?! (March 2008, if you’re wondering)

Friends who visited: About 30 including kids. Good to see them all.

House non-warming gifts received: bottle of champagne, a pot plant, one of the aforementioned cakes, and some very popular scones and other baked goods.

Music: from a playlist on my iPod via the stereo. Got through about 75 of the 88 tracks.

Bigger kids kept occupied by: climbing in and out of the “fire escape” window.

Smaller kids kept occupied by: being held while bouncing on the trampoline.

Number of house tours done by me: Oh, at least half-a-dozen.

Food left over: Half a cake, many nuts, bread for dipping, dips.

Drinks left over: a number of beers, not so many softdrinks.

Moment of too much enthusiasm in a public place: When told of Geelong’s win (which I tipped at the last minute, but Marita didn’t… so it’s still Marita, myself and Rae vying for the trophy, one point between each of us).

Irony: Having had no particular criteria for scheduling, I chose a day when I knew Tony and Rae would not be at the football. But they didn’t come due to illness. And this meant it was inadvertantly scheduled at the same time as a kiddie birthday which knocked out a whole bunch of one circle of friends.

Food bought and then completely forgotten: 3 varieties of cheese, stuffed peppers, and yet another cake.

Thank you to all who came. (Uhh no, I didn’t invite blog readers, nor did I invite every single person I know.)

PS. Uh oh, now I’ve found out at least one person didn’t get the email invitation.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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