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BananasI had to have a fix. It had been weeks. I have found a source, a legal source, but it’s expensive.

Amid stories of black market bananas, I can reveal that I had three bananas in my house this week. Don’t bother trying to break-in now to steal them; they’ve been eaten.

These were decently-sized bananas (not the tiny weedy ones you see in some of the few shops that have them), but they ain’t cheap. At $12.99 per kilo, the three I had set me back $9.

But sometimes you’ve just got to treat the family.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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yesterday, I bought 7 bananas at Coles and when the lady rang them up, she said to me, ‘those bananas cost over 12 dollars’ – and I said, ‘yes, that’s OK’, and she said – ‘I can take some of them out for you, if you like’ !! I declined her offer, but I guess a few peeps have totally freaked out when paying!

I am traveling to Australia with my wife tomorrow at night. I think we will eat a lot of bananas… here you can buy 5 bananas with USD 0.61

Yeah, my recent time in Thailand was a good opportunity to eat bananas again.

I bought a bunch of about 10 of them in Singapore for… wait for it… S$1.40.

I don’t have a website or blog so I can’t point anyone to the 895 word tribute I have to the value of bananas. If anyone wants it, perhaps Daniel could sort out getting it by email and posting it himself.

Our crop was stuffed by the storm, right?

Can anyone remember (without looking it up, now):

(1) How much was petrol before the storm in the Gulf of Mexico caused oil investors to panic and drive the West Texas Crude price through the roof (followed by Brent Blend and then OPEC prices as others saw a way to Get On A Good Thing)?

(2) How much were bananas before the storms hit our crops and caused such imbalance between supply and demand?

P.S. No – I don’t know the answers myself – I’m just asking.

I detest bananas. I particularly detest how juice stands and ice cream vendors feel obliged to put banana puree in every bloody thing. If the banana becomes extinct as they keep promising then I will hold a ‘banana wake’ and it will be a joyous event!

Doggone. Every week I buy a 3 lb. plastic bag of bananas at the 99cent store, not a thing over 99 cents. At times, soft and mushy too soon. Last week they were perfect. Same price each and every week.

Or, four pounds of oranges for 99cents. Not often, but when they have them I buy 3 or 4 bags.

That’s 40 miles north of Santa Barbara, CA.

Banana’s growing on your own tree? hmmmmmm!!!!!

Don’t know what Paw Paw’s are, but I have heard of them.

Banana’s – Why don’t the grocers try to import them from Ecudor, etc. The organic banana’s (the expensive kind) are .79 lb. on sale (they don’t list the kg price).

Gas – (petrol) – 1199 cents per litre. (That’s $1.19.9/litre) Canadian – $1.20 a litre or $4.80 for a little over a gallon for the low octane gas.


j :)

Hell, if the bananas cost that much in Australia then I am going to start buying them up here in Europe and transporting them down to Oz. They cost a fraction of the Aussie price here even though banana groves are fairly rare in northern Europe (tip: you’ll find them next to our pawpaw orchards).

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