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Things I need to do tonight

Things I have to do tonight:

Tidy up the damn place. Do the (non-dishwasher) dishes.

Run a quick errand down the street. Done

Figure out how to get that burn off the bottom of my nice Le Creuset enamel pot. (Been postponing that for about two weeks.)

Go to the supermarket and get some milk, apples, and whatever else I think of. Done

Unscrew the back of the washing machine and see if I can unjam the filter thingy. Probably another sock jammed in the works. This has happened a few times… last time I think I saw enough of what the repair man did to be able to do it myself this time. Touch wood. Done

If that is successful, do some washing. Done If not, ring tomorrow to organise the bloke to come in and do it.

Look at my latest IAS or BAS or whatever tax form is due next week.

Time to watch West Wing? Probably not. Watched one of the episodes.

Also: Try and stay away from the computer. It sucks up time.

By Daniel Bowen

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Burns (saucepans, not Robbie):

Bung in about a 1/4 cup bicarb soda and 1 cup water. Dissolve if you can and bring to the boil. Cover and let sit until cool (which might be tomorrow now!). Burns should come off reasonably easily without needed lots of scouring.

I second the bicarb thing. I was going to suggest exactly what is recommended above. Also, for any residual which may remain you could try gently rubbing with one of those non-scratch scourers. I always find tackling burnt pots, pans, etc. sooner rather than later to be the best remedy but I also have a thing about having shiny, sparkling pots no matter how old they are so that’s just me being anal.

I knew there would be posts here about scorch removal techniques. There is a reason “Spotless” has been on the bestseller list for over 20 weeks. {Bicarb in a paste – couldn’t resist}

So over with your pending works or still lingering with it. Lot of work pressure on u but you can’t run away from it.

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