Too busy

Took the day off today, but was too busy to blog. Back tomorrow hopefully.

PS. Thursday morning: Here’s why.

By Daniel Bowen

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i see my comment was deleted. why ?

lucy always promised to hold the football for charlie brown to kick.

each time she would pull it away and he would fall on his arse.

labor always promises pt upgradees – how many times have they promised the thomastown or south morang station ?

is irony lacking in this blogtatorship ?

Your comment hadn’t been deleted, it just hadn’t been approved yet… partly because of a rash of nonsense/spam comments that have been coming in recently, partly because I didn’t know what you were talking about… my own fault for not being a Charlie Brown fan I suppose!

Under this new plan, work on South Morang won’t begin until at least 2016. So don’t hold your breath.

Yesterday morning, I was on a Frankston train to the city, quite happily dozing with my eyes closed. By Flagstaff, the majority of people had gotten off and I went to open my eyes as the crowd cleared from around me, only to find the bright lights of a Channel 7 News camera in my face! And when startled like that, what do you do? Pull a face. Good to know that awkward moment in my life may have been broadcast nationally…

Is the Government really Meeting Our Transport Challenges?

The State Government has finally released the much anticipated and over hyped Transport and Liveability Statement. Dubbed Meeting Our Transport Challenges the statement ultimately fails to live up to its name.
While the statement claims to contain a 10…

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