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Dan Brown vs iPods

Word on the street is that if you want to see any movies, do so this weekend, because by the following weekend they’ll have all been swept away by blanket screenings of the bloody Da Vinci Code.

On the train, which do you think there’s more of? Dan Brown books, or iPods?

Dan Brown books are still selling well, but market growth is probably slowing, as just about everybody who would be inclined to read it must have just about finished it by now. Of course, those who weren’t put off by what they read (like I was) might go and buy another one.

iPods are still growing rapidly in number though, and I would think would have a better longer-term outlook.

There don’t seem to be that many people reading Dan Brown while listening to an iPod, though.

By Daniel Bowen

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Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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13 replies on “Dan Brown vs iPods”

I didn’t like much DaVinci Code end… I will not tell it.. don’t worry…. I think Angels and Demons is a much better book….
On the other hand… I can’t wait to have my Ipod in Australia…. You can’t buy an Ipod here because of the high price (much much more higher than in the USA).

I thought the book was okay. The historical information it contained was more interesting than the story itself and I thought some of it was written in a fairly basis manner (if that makes sense).

My daughter got a free iPod with a phone she bought and sold it on eBay for the same price as what it retails.

The really scary thing? DB reckons he’s got at least another dozen novels staring that insipid professor planned. ARRRGGGGHHH!!! I can feel the world getting dumber by the minute. The man should just get someone else to write for him. Keep the intriguing historical bits, but get rid of the awful stories.

Just what do you folks mean by ‘historical’? It’s not a text book, it doesn’t contain facts. It’s a novel.

DB DaVinci Code, I read it simply because it got the best publicity ever, the Church forbade people to read it, it’s still a piece of badly written simplistic twaddle though.

If you want to read a far better, and far more chalenging book, try Focault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco. Far better consiracy theory novel by someone who knows his stuff.

And unlike DB he doesn’t try to pretend it’s all true.

I would love to do both because reading and listening to music r my favorite pass times. And as far as the book is concerned its one of the bestellers till date.

I would go for both of them as reading and listening to music r my favorite passtimes. And as far as the book is concerned its a bestseller till date. So no choice for me.

So now i m confused between the two.I would like to have both of them simultaneously. That would rock!

What a bunch of hype and hoohaa. Written for ignoramuses who thought history came from nowhere. Happy dance with historical paraphernalia, though.

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