Bananas at the moment are…



$8.99+ per Kg

and pretty much off the menu at the moment.

By Daniel Bowen

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Yeah a restaurant is certainly looking like the way to get your bananas. Might have to visit Poppy’s Thai in Healesville again soon.

I paid $10/kg yesterday and got 7 bananas for $12.35. About $1.76 each. They were pretty good, but will be better in another day. The family is under instructions not to waste them!

I paid $12.99 a kilo yesterday for three bananas. It’s amazing when you work out how much each individual banana costs, as if it’s going to somehow taste different – more special – now.

Now we can have bananas only in dreams. Wow now they r so tasty because i didn’t have to pay for it. Not even a single penny.

I think its more tastier when they r expensive. U know how much u have paid for it. Even if they r not tasty they tend to be!

Just to have a grumble, the government does not allow the import of bananas to protect local industry. So we are paying the price for this blantant protectionism. You would have thought someone would actually be smart enough to at least lift the ban temporarily. Between bananas, interest rates and petrol I’m feeling very broke right now!

Still the good news is that Paul Keating’s prediction that we will become a banana republic probably won’t come true in a hurry. And if it does then at $8.99 a kg we will be rich, or at least the Queenslanders will.

Good time to buy organic bananas as they are about the same price.

I looked online at “The Green Line Organic Direct” and they were $13.99 kg or $12.99 kg for Biodynamic (which is organic too).


Too true Daniel
I meant may as well get organic if going to buy anyway.

Check out frozen banana on eBay!

$86 for 12 litres
For those desperate for smoothies!

what were u refering to at 3. link had expired.

Also not bout nanas but did you lot hear about prosecution for defamation of geelong bloggers? started in court today apparently

A mate of mine (jokingly) listed a banana on eBay. Alas eBay decided the sale was against their policies, and deleted the listing.

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