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In 2004 the water company reported I was using an average 300 litres per day (at the old house). A year later, I was using an average 347 litres per day.

Another bill arrived last week which said I’m now using an average 239 litres per day. Woo hoo!

Perhaps having a much smaller garden and a dishwasher has helped cut my water usage?

(Dunno about the new bill design. It has a lot of orange on it, which is way too close to red — I felt nervous scanning it, making sure I wasn’t late with a previous payment.)

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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7 replies on “Water usage”

WTG with the water savings Daniel. I should keep an eye on what I am doing too. I don’t water my garden much so I am sure I am okay in that area. I hate long showers so again I am sure I do okay in that area. I do notice that washing dishes by hand I use a hell of a lot of water. Even just waiting for hot water to come out wastes a lot of water and using the dish washer once or maybe twice a week has to be much better.

And the reason for the coloured bills is apparently to reflect the seasons (autumn in this case).

The Bill Colour Co-ordination Department (like the Poster Department in a certain other organisation) must have nothing better to do. At least they didn’t use a smudgy inkjet printer…

Lyn, I’ve been wondering about dishwashers vs washing by hand.

A dishwasher does indeed use a lot less water, which is good for you personally, but how much water is consumed when the dishwasher is made? Could it be more then you save during the lifespan of said dishwasher. Admittedly, the water used making it isn’t going on your bill.

One to ponder, we wash up by hand, but only because our dishwasher is broken!

As someone who works for your water company, the bills are coloured for the seasons!! Yellow for summer, Orange for Autumn…and I’m not sure what they’ve decided for the other two seasons.

Roby-There is no such thing as average, but I’d say if most people would spend about $40-150 a qtr on water the $60.70 for service charges.

See isn’t water interesting??? Actually it’s a very boring industry to work in!!

“Me”: Actually a few years ago I wrote the software that ran registers in the payment office at South East Water. I don’t know if it’s still used…

Yes I keep getting spooked by those new bill colours too. I run around the house locking the doors and turning out the lights to pretend I’m not home for when the debt collector comes knocking.

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