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SaucesMy kids love tomato sauce, so we often have it on the table during meals. There’s several brands available, the main ones being Masterfoods and Heinz (Big Red). They both taste the same to me.

But the Masterfoods one comes in a bottle with recycle code 4, which is not recyclable in my area. Heinz comes in a bottle with recycle code 1, or in glass, both of which are recyclable.

So I buy the Heinz.

By Daniel Bowen

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This has to be the most contraversial topic you have ever picked up on.
I thought nearly everyone prefered fountain. As long as I can remember, it seemed that if someone brought out tomatoe sauce it was nearly always fountain. Except when doing hot dogs in large quantities when a squeeze bottle is very handy.
Fountain, the unstated defacto standard.

Whats so good about Fountain? I bought the Coles generic brand sauce (not savings or Farmland, just branded ‘Coles Tomato Sauce’) last time and I thought it was good enough value for money (it was the cheapest), seeing as I only bought it because I wanted sauce to put on my fish-n-chips that I was getting at the shop across the road from Coles in Altona.

[putting on voice of “Kath” from Kath and Kim]
I’ve got two words to say to you, Daniel:

Daniel you fool! You buy 1 bottle of the plastic squeeze bottle, then when its finished you fill it up from the glass sauce bottle of your choice! Experience the best of both worlds old boy.

Be careful with tomato sauce, it contains sodium, and could make your kids hypertense at short age. I am 30, and hypertense already. I LOVED tamato sauce… now I don’t use it anymore.

(sorry Daniel, I know it’s your blog)
For the good reason you suggest, we use White Crow no-added-salt tomato sauce, which is as low in sodium as a tomato. My kids love it!

[…] Daniel wrote this week of his reasons for buying which tomato sauce. The other day when I needed to buy BBQ sauce for a pizza Tony was making, I looked at my options. Then I did something I’ve never done before; I bought because I liked the advertising. […]

Daniel, I’m embarrassed to say that I don’t think it has ever occurred to me to consider the recyclability of packaging when making a purchase. Now with that and thinking about buying Australian made & owned, AND trying to stretch the grocery dollars further, I think my shopping trips are going to double in the amount of time they take!

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