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Quiz question for you. No cheating, leave your answer in the comments.

Before 11th September 2001, how many buildings were in the World Trade Centre in New York City? And what happened to them?

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there were 7 I think … some survived the fall of the towers, but I think most ended up being demolished … no hard numbers though … :)

There are about 7 buildings all up, Buildings 1 and 2 being the towers.

Another building did collapse as well that went relatively undiscussed in the media (#5?) and another had to be demolished during cleanup…

The rest still stand today and I heard that not long ago, they found human remains on the roof of one of the buildings that had been found after maintenance was carried out on the air handling units…


I would have said 4 buildings – the two towers and two other smaller ones which made up a plaza? I was in NY in April last year and I decided against going to see the “hole”. I think there were extensive works going on around it when I was there but I just felt it would be too morbid to go and stare at it – that’s the way I was feeling at the time.

There were 2 buildings and hijackers flew planes into them demolishing them. Is this a trick question? Can’t remember if it was 11/9/01 or 02.

Not a trick question. As this article describes, there were 7 buildings in the World Trade Center in NYC. Buildings 1 and 2 (the Twin Towers) were hit and collapsed on the morning of 11 Sep 2001. Building 7 collapsed later that day. Buildings 3, 4, 5, 6 were damaged and later demolished.

I must admit, until recently I always thought only of the twin towers. I don’t recall if media coverage at the time mentioned the others very much at all.

Answers 1, 2 and 5 are correct from about 1970 (?) onwards. Of course for the bulk of time (big bang onwards) the World Trade Center as is commonly understood didn’t exist. So averaging the 7 buildings over many years (millions) and rounding to the nearest integer I’d say none. Apologies for being a smart arse, but as the common answer is gone I’ll take lateral one.

I thought that there were something like 7. The two main towers came down, one also knocking out building 7. The others are still standing.

Tried not to look at the other answers till I wrote up mine.

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