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One of the things on my To Do list that I did get done over the holidays was to invest in some new desks. The old big desk doesn’t suit the new home-office at all, partly because it’s so damn big and doesn’t fit into the space properly, but also because it’s dull corporate grey, and the room is much more open to the livingroom and the rest of the house, making it somewhat unsightly.

I ended up buying two new Zed desks at Freedom, which will fit all nice and Kentucky along one wall, opening up the rest of the room a lot, and providing a nicer look than the dowdy old desk.

The new desks will eventually get new LCD screens (now that they’re down to a half-decent price) to save space. The CPUs will live down below, out of the way, which should mean the whole setup is much tidier.

Problem is I don’t know what to do with the old desk. It would appear the office furniture places you see around the place will only take job lots from big companies, they aren’t interested in one-offs. Even a tip-off I got to a company that does take one-offs led nowhere. So now I’m pondering what to do with it. There’s always Freecycle, but I was hoping I could at least get a teensy amount to offset the cost of the new ones.

Ebay, perhaps?

Update 10:30pm: Listed on Ebay.

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Maybe eBay, or there’s a second hand furniture place in Glen Huntly Road between Grange Road and Glen Huntly Station. I don’t know if they buy, but they they have to get their stock from somewhere. We bought a really great desk there many years ago.

Try to sell it privately if you can; the SH furniture shops won’t give you much for it.

My own experience is that ebay works well for small electronic things but not furniture.

I found this paper at a tramstop today –

It’s like the trading post but free to put in an ad, so why not give them a go?

we’ve sold couches and dining settings on ebay. We didn’t really want much for them, we just wanted someone to come and take them away, which they did for every item.

Your floor boards look very nice, but I would change the curtain, it does not really suit an office area.

An ad at Monash Uni Caulfield campus might be the ticket. Plenty of students getting ready for the new year. Contact the student union or go by and place an ad.

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