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Big heapem diary

A little project originally I started about two years ago — to move my entire online diary (which goes back to 1994) into WordPress — has finally been completed. I’ll spare you the boredom of the details of trying to write programs to convert the old handwritten HTML into something I could import, and instead just give you the impressive statistic that the database now holds no less than 1,570 entries going back 12 years.

(I could also mention there’s a staggering 15,000 comments in the thing, mostly from the last two years. Yikes. Quite frankly that amount seems ludicrous, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the thing is lying to me. Though it could explain why the backup file is 14Mb uncompressed.)

There’s still a bunch of reader comments from 2003 missing. Some entries have text that is formatted a bit funny. And a lot of the old entries aren’t properly categorised, meaning about half of everything falls under “General”. I’ll get to all of these in due course.

But I’m quite pleased, and it’s allowed me to re-live some of my favourite diary entries.

Meanwhile, some of the videos I’ve shot over the years have gone onto Google Video, which makes it easier to watch them online.

By Daniel Bowen

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