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Christmas and Boxing Day in brief

Christmas surpriseTo their surprise and delight, the kids found a Lego train set, left in the fireplace by Father Christmas. Much fun building it.

All batteries purchased in readiness for Sonic Screwdriver and TARDIS. All gifts well received. So were the gifts for the adults.

Had a big Christmas lunch at my mum’s place. Less people than at the pre-Christmas lunch last week, but still fun.

I scored a yoyo in a Christmas cracker. Woo hoo!

Didn’t run out of toilet paper on Christmas Day, with nowhere to buy more. Where is my local convenience store that’s open on Christmas Day, anyway?

Took a long walk into the wilds of East Bentleigh to try and work off lunch and recover appetite for dinner. Found my local convenience store. Two of them in fact. Got almost to Warragul Warrigal Road (about 4km), then got a (free for the day) bus back. Still could only manage cheese on toast for dinner.

Slept in on Boxing Day. Lazed around the house.

Started doing stuff on my holiday To-Do list. Email Inbox down from twelve hundred and something to 92.

Went for a walk when wanting lunch. Found a pie and a Big M. Sometimes I regress, and eat the same diet I ate when I was 16.

Decided I didn’t desperately need anything in the Boxing Day sales, but might take a look at some furniture tomorrow if I feel motivated.

Played the CDs I got. They weren’t presents, but were found cheap while shopping for others’ presents.

Watched some West Wing episodes. Trying to get to the end of season 3, since rumour has it the ABC will start showing them from season 4 onwards.

Dusted off the bike (literally) and went for an evening ride to explore the neighbourhood. Ignored some kids sitting in the middle of a roundabout who requested I do a mono.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

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If you almost made it to Warragul Road, it certainly was a long walk Daniel. While I am here, best wishes for the new year. Hope to read your almost daily posts during 2006.

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