In the mail

This envelope arrived in the mail. (Forwarded from my old address.)

Wow. It must be really really important.

Envelope front
Envelope back

Pah. Bloody Reader’s Digest. It’s going back “Not known at this address.”

By Daniel Bowen

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I know someone who bought something from a mail-order catalogue once, and forgot to tick the “Do not share my address” box.

Since then, they have been bombarded with mail from psychics and offers of $450,000 if they just provide their credit card number to verify their address (:roll:).

I bought the Penguin Australian Do It Yourself Manual a few years ago. It’s very good, by the way, if it is still available. Back then it was distributed by … Reader’s Digest. I had to ring their office to get a copy and said – “If I buy this I don’t want to get any mailed promotions from you.” “No problem” they said.
The promotions started arriving before the book did. I phoned again and told them the deal was off and I was returning the book, but they told me it was a mistake. They put me on a special list. I kept the book. I’ve never had another thing from them. GIve them a call Daniel.

Nah… At the moment, they only have my old address. They’re not to know I got the package via it being forwarded to my new one, so I’m just going to return it unopened, as if I’ve vanished. And hopefully they won’t find me again.

Call me paranoid, but I don’t want to be on their special list… I don’t trust them an inch. I want to be unknown to them.

(Uhh, and I hope nobody from there reads this blog!)

LOL! Despite the “Certified Despatch”, “Time Sensitive” and “Urgent” printed all over it, they sent it by off peak mail!!

Write ‘addressee deceased’ on the envelope and send it back. It discourages them from trying to track you down….

You should be happy you’re getting junk mail; it’s a sign your First Amendment rights are alive and well.

By the way, where’s the Toxic Custard podcast?

Bob, I’m new to Australia, but I don’t think we’ve adopted the US constitution (yet – but give John Howard another couple of years and who knows?).

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