Restaurants past

I’ve moved away from Carnegie, but our old regular Friday night dinner places are worth a thumbs up…

Herbs Pizza, corner Koornang and Neerim Roads, Carnegie — These are brilliant pizzas. Seems a little expensive until you find the Two Large Takeaway Pizzas for $19.50, which should leave enough for breakfast or lunch the next day. The Mediteranean Chicken and Patatara can’t be beat. Super yummy, and thankfully not too far away.Thumbs up!

Paradai Thai, Koornang Road, Carnegie — Apart from one time when the service was a little sloppy, this place was brilliant. And even on that one occasion, the food was delicious.Thumbs up!

I’m amused that Tony’s review panning a Yarraville coffee shop is so high (current 2nd hit) when you Google for their name. My review of a local Bentleigh restaurant is now the top Google hit for their name, too…

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I had dinner with friends at Tony’s reviewed Yarraville cafe a few Friday nights ago and they were absolutely jam packed. There only appeared to be two staff (manager??? and a waitress) but they did do an admirable job and the waitress kindly warned us that there would be a slight delay with the food as one of their cooks had not turned up. I would necessarily rush back there but I wouldn’t pan it altogether. Funny reading those Carnegie street names as I used to live in Carnegie in the late 60’s early 70’s and it brings back a lot of memories.

I should have written a separate damning review of my food experiences at Wesley Anne in Northcote on Saturday night! I had such high hopes!

I agree with Tony on Cut Paw Paw. Go Google!


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