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A day at home

Unexpected day at home today: I felt sick overnight, and didn’t sleep at all well. Possibly a repeat of my last house move.

Checked the fridge to find I was out of my preferred “feeling sick” drink, lemonade. Thankfully Marita was on hand to get some from the milkbar down the street.

Just as last time (and invariably when I feel off-colour), a good up-chuck had me feeling better about 11am. Noisy as ever.

Have been using the day to continue packing, which as ever is a way bigger job than I thought.

This afternoon I took the Mail Redirection form to the post office. This is something I should have done about a week ago, but it didn’t quite happen. I got the form filled-in, and since this applies to company mail, dug around and found my Common Seal (sounds like a zoo exhibit) and Certificate of Registration.

I got down to the post office to find a queue of about 25 people, almost out to the door. Sigh. Many people paying bills and various other activities that could be more efficiently done elsewhere. A few were buying actual postage, mind you.

Eventually got to the front and got the form handed in.

Right, enough of this sitting at the computer. Back to packing. Have I mentioned I have too much stuff?

By Daniel Bowen

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Pah… I’m a contractor with flexible working hours, only paid for when I’m working. I don’t need to throw a sickie, I just say I’m not coming in!

There is almost no need to go into a post office these days: the local 7/11 sells stamps and there are much quicker ways to pay bills.

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