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Dead man surfing

My home internet connection has cut out. Knowing that it takes about 5 days, on Monday I requested the ADSL connection be moved. If I’d thought about it a bit more (and taken advice from friends) I would have ordered a brand-spanking new connection from somebody else, rather than relocate my Netspace one, so there’d be an overlap period, like there is with other essential services like the phone, gas, water, power etc. But hey, Netspace have been pretty good, and I get to avoid the red tape of going with a new provider.

So this morning sometime during breakfast, it got disconnected, and no doubt my new empty house now has hot running broadband.

I could use the dialup service, designed for emergencies or when on holiday. But do I even know where my old dialup modem is now? Nup.

PS. 9am Friday. Hmmm. On second thoughts, it must have been a temporary glitch, because this morning it’s working. Today I’m at home, not feeling well. Some kind of flashback to the last time I moved???

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
Opinions on this blog are all mine.

6 replies on “Dead man surfing”

I have never used Netspace. They are certainly not the cheapest. But I always had in my head that they were very good and also a local company. Is it correct that they are local?

Hmm, Netspace had an outage affecting most of Victoria, including my house, early yesterday morning (7:50am – 8:45am, more or less). Could that be what brought your connection down?

Hope you are feeling better as the day goes on. I am in the process of having to change my ADSL connection also but am sticking with the same company. If I have any glitches I am just going to revert to my old dial-up system temporarily although that was always a bit hit and miss and Telstra made an absolute swag on all the reconnects which I had to do. I am using Connexus and have always found them to be fantastic to deal with.

I just moved and ordered a relocation of my netspace broadband. Same telephone number, same exchange. Only problem is no spare ports on the exchange and the relocate is treated like a new connection. Now I’m waiting for a month for Telstra to add more ports. I’ll definitely appreciate my broadband more on its return.

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