Look Both Ways

Look Both Ways: A man walks in front of a train and is killed, an all-too common event these days. The story follows the events in the weekend afterwards, for the victim’s girlfriend, a witness, a journalist, a photographer, their editor, and the train driver. It reminded me a lot of Lantana, seeing that one tragic event, then following their lives as they dealt with it and other things. Great use of animation, great acting — including the near-silent performances of the girlfriend, the train driver and his son. Definitely the best new film I’ve seen this year. Go see it.Thumbs up!

By Daniel Bowen

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While walking to the cinema with a friend, we walked against the red man at lights and ducked between moving cars. When walking home after seeing it, we were much more cautious.

Isn’t it a fantastic film! It left me emotional for hours afterwards. And it’s one of those films that,when you walk out afterwards, make you so aware of every little mundane thing you do like you’re living your life in hyper-reality. One of the best films I’ve seen in a long time.

Another fine Australian film that is worth checking out is Little Fish.

Hugo Weaving is Excellent in this(as is Cate Blanchette and even Noni Hazlehurst).

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