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The trivia night

Last Saturday night was Trish & Leanne’s Multiple Sclerosis fundraiser trivia night, and we all piled into a packed hall somewhere in Balwyn. (The whole NE suburbs are a bit of a blank spot for me.) Great fun had by all, I reckon.

Lessons I learnt for future trivia nights:

  • We had smart people, but only 5 on the table, compared to 8 on most others. More people better.
  • Get people with wide music knowledge. You’ll need them. Sadly we were somewhat lacking when it came to some recent music.
  • On a B+W photocopied celebrity faces sheet, Jason Donovan looks a bit like David Hicks. Lucky we got the right answer on this. (It was Hicks).
  • Sometimes it really is useful to know which line Batman station is on.
  • The world is tiny. It’s perfectly possible that midway through the night you’ll realise that someone sitting at your table is both (a) your girlfriend’s friend’s friend’s partner and (b) your ex-wife’s former nextdoor neighbour.
  • If you get a blatant advance hints about possible questions, take notice.

In the end, our team came seventeenth. Out of twenty-four. So no wooden spoons, but no big prizes either. It hardly mattered — we had fun, and helped raise money for MS.

By Daniel Bowen

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