Food'n'drink Here is my

Here is my wine collection

Here is my wine cellar collection. It sits up in the cupboard. My wine purchasing strategy is as follows:

  • Buy the ones with the interesting looking labels (‘cos I know stuff-all about wine)
  • Because I don’t consume them at a rate of knots, I buy bottles of moderately cheapish wine, keep it for a few years, then drink it (this accounts for the many bottles of Hardy’s Regional Reserve…)
  • Wait until the collection’s looking a little depleted, then buy 6 or 12 at once for a discount
  • Buy a handful of the more expensive ones… ummm.. just… ‘cos

Wine collection

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For a rather more reasoned strategy to budget wine purchases, see Josh’s slightly dated wine guide.

By Daniel Bowen

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2 replies on “Here is my wine collection”

We call ours the “economic indicator”.

If we are travelling OK, it’s chockers.
If funds are a bit tight, we raid it to reduce the pain of reality a tad.
It looks like yours is in a climate & light controlled situation!!

Aargh! 2 bottles of the same wine, seperated by another
wine. Have you no sympathy for the impulsive sorters amongst us?

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