Becoming a humourless old git

I was having a chat to my friend Stewart. He and his mate Joe have just launched a web site to go with their band, Joey Stew. They’ve got some downloadable samples of their songs on the site, so check it out, it’s funny stuff.

But one lesson I’ve learnt over the years is to not buy humour CDs. When I was a teenager, my Monty Python and Hitch Hikers records got played a lot, but as I’ve got older, they no longer appeal. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still funny, but I’m just not as interested in playing them. Maybe it’s because they have to be actively listened to, rather than just able to be played in the background, and I often don’t have the time available. The last few funny CDs I’ve got have been listened to once, then filed away.

By Daniel Bowen

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Yeah I know what you mean, but I’m dying to hear again that bit of the 12th Man, from the first Wired World of Sports tape, where they edited together a bunch of swearing to outline the bits that had been removed from the bleeped side of the tape.

If anyone’s got that tape and wouldn’t mind just copying that bit of it for me, or turning it into an MP3 or whatever, I’d be most grateful!

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