Seconds from death!

Some people really manage to re-define “bloody idiot”. As we were walking on Saturday afternoon, a tray truck with those stupidly big tyres came around the corner and along the opposite side of the road. He must have taken the corner too fast (from a standing start mind you), and was skidding all over the road. It had been raining, and those tyres might be fine in the mud, but evidently provide next to no grip on wet roads.

So he swerved a few times, then, with the benefit of those big tyres, effortly mounted the pavement. Straight across the footpath and blam! Into the factory wall. Bounced off, back onto the road. Does he stop to get out? No. Does he inspect the damage? No. He keeps on driving.

Thankfully, nobody had been on the footpath. The huge bullbar wouldn’t have given them much chance of survival. In fact there was a lady walking along about 30 metres behind where the wall got hit. If she had been in its way, it doesn’t bear thinking about what might have happened. I hope she entered Tattslotto that night, because she was very lucky.

I was a bit dazed after what I’d seen. Wish I’d thought to get the licence plate number.

By Daniel Bowen

Transport blogger / campaigner and spokesperson for the Public Transport Users Association / professional geek.
Bunurong land, Melbourne, Australia.
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The extent of the stupidity some people harbour is just astounding sometimes. I’m glad no one was injured – and I hope like hell that guy has a couple hundred dollars worth of dents to fix up.

Wow – that’s amazing. So glad no one was hurt. Too bad he didn’t get caught by a police car driving by.
Must admit, too many people on the roads with too little patience or sense to slow down. So very very lucky no one was injured with this.

Some truck/van drivers are laws to themselves. I often think about this when standing close to the road waiting to cross or waiting for public transport. Is it true that the lines about half a metre out from the kerb on Princes Bridge are because too many pedestrians were being whacked by mirrors of passing vehicles?

I bought a digital camera a while back, partly because I was thinking “you never know when something will happen and you can get a shot of it”… But if you’re thinking the same, try out the camera first. I bought a Canon Powershot A400, and by the time it’s powered up and ready to take the shot, that idiot would be half way to the next suburb. I heard that’s why pro journalist types still use old cameras – they’re ready quicker.

I agree with the other comments – ratbags are everywhere and it’s brilliant luck nobody was hurt.

But please, Daniel, don’t give in to the brainwashing! I’m sure our authorities charged with the task of verifying the roadworthiness of our motor vehicles are still issuing *registration* papers, *registration* labels and *registration* plates.

…just goes to show how safe 4WDs/SUVs/Turucks are!!! The driver was uninjured and able to drive away !!!!!

This is unbelievable!!!!
Was it a company truck?? In other words, Did you see a company name on the side of the truck? Probably not or you would have phoned the company and complained about their drivers. Too bad.

He must have gotten his driver’s license out of a Cracker Jack Box!!


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